Saturday, October 24, 2009

Update from MileHi Con

I met with some wonderful people from a small independent bookstore here in Denver (where I'm attending MileHi Con) who have copies of THE GATHERING STORM in stock, ready to be shipped out on Tuesday.  I thought it might be good to give them a little bit of a shout-out here on the blog, as I'll be doing a signing at the con tomorrow very near to their booth.  Now, they're not going to be selling The Gathering Storm early (obviously.)  But they WILL be able to carry a book over to me and get it personalized for you, then ship it to you next week.  In fact, if you buy a book, they might be willing to walk over during the signing itself and hand the phone over to me, so you can tell me what you want me to write in the book yourself. 

This is very much like the Sam Weller's thing we've already done, I realize, and many of you already have your book ordered.  But if you missed that opportunity, or perhaps live in the Denver area and want a store where you can pick up the book in person rather than have it shipped, this is a great chance to support an independent bookseller. 

If you want to contact them, use the following info.  The first phone number is the bookseller's cell phone, and the second is the bookstore itself. 

Nina's cell phone 7203208722

Broadway Book Mall 303-744-BOOK

I'll be doing the signing from 3-4 Mountain Time, but if you call too late, they can get the book personalized for you when I'm back in Denver next week.  (You will have to wait a little while to get the book that way.)  They're selling the book at cover price, with US shipping being $4.


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