Monday, December 07, 2009

Updates, Tu Publishing fundraiser/Mistborn mini auction

The most recent MISTBORN 3 annotation talks about how the Lord Ruler needed to practice when he held the power. And the most recent Writing Excuses podcast discusses world-building gender roles.

A good friend of mine, Stacy Whitman, a former editor at Mirrorstone Books and a past Writing Excuses guest, is getting ready to launch a small press named Tu Publishing that will focus on multicultural fantasy and science fiction. To get the company started, Stacy has set up a fundraiser through Kickstarter. It's the type of fundraising drive where you pledge donations that kick in after the drive meets its goal. Stacy has set up rewards you can get for various pledge levels, such as advanced reader's copies of forthcoming books.

Friends of Stacy have also donated a lot of great stuff for a fundraising auction on LiveJournal. One of the items is a Mistborn mini from Garden Ninja Studios that will get a unique paint job. That auction ends early on Wednesday, and some of the others end Tuesday night. Check it out! Stacy is a great editor with excellent taste in books (she keeps bugging me to revise Scribbler). I hope she can get Tu off the ground!


Blogger ChrisW said...

Hi Mr Sanderson, Just a quick question.

I was just checking out my limited edition tGS HB from Tor and noticed that it's signed by RJ. Is this a stamp and may I ask why you also didn't sign it?

1:24 AM  
Blogger Brandon Sanderson said...


That is a scan of Mr. Jordan's signature, placed there at my request. It SHOULD have my signature right below his, though my signature is more of a scribble-symbol thing, so people mistake it for not being a signature. Is this one of the leatherbound copies? If so, then I should have signed it.

1:40 AM  
Blogger ChrisW said...

My bad, see it now. Yep it's a scribble-symbol thingy alright.

Guess I missed it cause I was just expecting to see your sig and RJ's is in two places(#'ed page and title page)

Thanks for answering.

2:05 AM  

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