Monday, August 27, 2007

Various Links and Goodness

I was quite happy with the reception I got to my rant last Saturday.  You guys are awesome.  Thanks for all your support.

Note that I DON'T have it out for literary fiction or scholarly non-fiction.  I like them both!  Literary fiction is like a rich chocolate that I enjoy on occasion, and non-fiction is a good bowl of rice--something that fuels a lot of the work I do.  However, my gripe is that both groups tend to call popular fiction fast food, when I think it's more akin to a nice steak.  Thick, juicy, enjoyable, and maybe not always the MOST healthy thing to eat, but pleasurable and worthwhile. 

Enough food metaphors.  That's making me hungry!  I have a couple of fun things to link today.  First off, if you want to see what I look like when I'm signing, you can check out this thread on my forums where someone posted a video clip of me at the Mistborn 2 prerelease a week back. 

Perhaps even more cool, we've got a very nice piece of fan art on my forums as well.  Check it out! 

I'll be starting up the MISTBORN 2 annotations here fairly soon.  First off, however, I do want to make sure I link the first sample chapter of Alcatraz for those who haven't seen it.  I'll probably post chapter two at the end of the week!