Sunday, August 17, 2008

Win a Free Mistborn 2 Poster!

Over the weekend, I offered some exchange to some people attending Gencon. (Thanks to those who replied, by the way! Dragon cards are impending in my direction. Huzzah!) As I thought about it, I realized that I really should do something more broad based to reward my readers who didn’t happen to be at Gencon.

And so, I’ve decided to run a little contest to promote the upcoming release of Mistborn: The Hero of Ages. Here’s how this will work. If you get someone who hasn’t read one of my books before to read Mistborn: The Final Empire before the release date of Mistborn: the Hero of Ages (which comes out on October Fourteenth) I’ll put you into a drawing for one of six rare Mistborn promotional Posters.

These are posters that Tor printed for bookstores for my tour last year. They are very nice--instead of simple poster board or paper, these are printed on a thin glossy plastic and them mounted on a Styrofoam board. They are 10.5” by 16.5” and depict the cover of Mistborn: The Well of Ascension, with enlarged cover art. I’ve always thought these promotional posters were very striking, which is why I gathered them during my tour last year.  Here is an action shot of one of the posters, held by Pemberly who refused to let her face be seen in the image.


(Note, I think that picture makes it look just a tad larger than it is because of foreshortening.)

Each person who win's a poster will get it shipped to them free of charge, and will have the opportunity to decide if they want their poster signed by me in black sharpie or left unsigned.  You enter the contest by getting someone to read Mistborn, and then when they're done, emailing me and saying "Hey, they read it!  Enter me!"  (Please don't email me until they've actually finished the book.)

Details of the contest follow:

Q: Does the person I get to read the book actually have to buy Mistborn or The Hero of Ages for me to be eligible for the contest?

A: No.  You can loan them your copy of Mistborn, or they can check it out, or they can buy it.  All that has to happen is that they have to actually read the book by the end of the deadline.  (Midnight on October 14th.)

Q: Do we have to provide any proof?  What's to keep us from just claiming that we got someone to read it when we didn't?

A:  You don't have to provide proof; I can't think of any good way to require it anyway.  This is honor system.  Please don't lie.  There will be other ways to get swag like this on the blog in the future. 

Q: What if I haven't read Mistborn yet myself?  Can I read it and enter?

A:  Hum....  Sure, why not.  But you can't have Mistborn before, and this post has to prompt you to do it.  Someone can't get you to read it, claim themselves for the contest, then have you also claim yourself.  (The spirit of the contest is getting people who've never heard of me to try one of my books, but I can't really complain if this contest makes you decide to finally try Mistborn.)

Q:  Can I have multiple names in the drawing for multiple friends?

A:  Yes, but I'm going to limit it to three entries per person, and you can only win one poster. 

Q:  My friend started reading Mistborn last week on my suggestion.  Can I count him/her?

A:  Yes!  As long as they haven't finished the book yet, and finish it between the deadline dates.  (August 17th to October 13th, with the end happening at the strike of midnight on the morning of October 14th.)  I considered saying no to this one, but I really, really, REALLY appreciate people sharing my books with others, and feel you deserve to be rewarded.

Q:  What if I suggested it to my dad and he just finished it yesterday!

A: I'll have to say no to this one.  Sorry!  But you could always give the book to your mom... ;)

Q:  I live overseas.  Can I enter?

A:  Yup.  Go ahead.

Q:  I'm one of the people that someone got to read Mistborn for this contest.  Why don't I get an entry?

A:  I have to say that there can only be ONE entry per new person brought to try one of my books.  If your friend entered for getting you to read it, then that's the one entry.  If he/she didn't enter, then you are welcome to.  Of course, there is another way to get an entry.  All you have to do is get someone else to read the book too. ;)

Q: How do I enter again? 

A:  Just send me an email!  Include only in the body of the email your name and the fact that you're entering the contest by having gotten someone to read and finish Mistborn.  You may want to make this fact clear before you say anything else, so that I don't forget to enter you.  (Also, if you've never emailed me before, remember that if you want me to enter you into my database of "Email this person if I visit their state/town/country on tour!")

I'll email the winners and post their first names and last initial on my blog on October 14th.  If any of the winners don't respond in one week with their address, or if their email address bounces and they don't contact me within a week, I will draw a new name.

I think that covers everything.  Email me if there are other questions, and I'll update the contest rules/FAQ if issues arise.  The official version of these rules will be the one on my website; I may not update the satellite blogs (LiveJournal, Blogger, Facebook.)  So remember to check in at to make sure there aren't any new developments when you email me with your entry.


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