Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Distribution Problems (Again) + Q&A

Thank you to everyone who came to the release party at BYU, or who is planning to come to Sam Weller's tonight!  Last night was a blast.  We're going to have to come up with better ways to keep the line moving at these things.  I hate thinking of people standing around for THAT long just to get a book from me.  (Next time, I think I'll sign and number all of the copies first--then people can pick one up at the register, get their number based on where they were in line, then take off if they want.  Then, if they want a personalization, they can wait to talk to me and get me to write their name in it.  That should make things move much more quickly.)

I do want to note that a lot of bookstores didn't get the book out yesterday.  (Grrrr....)  There were some distribution problems (not Tor's fault) and so about half of the stores didn't get books on the shelves.  (In some cities in the far west, none of them got the books on time.)  However, it looks like things are picking up, and a lot of stores that didn't have them yesterday have them out today.  By the end of the week, they should all be on shelves.  Please, give your bookstore a call before you drop by--I hate to think of people driving all over to find the book.  (Though if they don't have it out yet, there's a good chance it's in the back, so you could always poke them about that.)

Also, we have a very nice review up at SffWorld.

Finally, I'm doing a spoiler-filled Q&A about the book and the series on my website.  Don't look unless you've read the book!  Feel free to post there questions you have for me, and also feel free to just generally discuss the book with others. There are several other threads about it on my forums as well.