Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Signing Thursday & Convention in Minneapolis

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to have a busy weekend in Minneapolis. On Thursday night I'm signing at Dreamhaven Books, and then Friday to Sunday I'm Author Guest of Honor at Minicon. WARBREAKER cover artist Dan Dos Santos is the Artist Guest of Honor, and my Tor editor Moshe Feder is also a guest. Both of them will be at the signing as well, and so will the WARBREAKER cover painting.

Signing at Dreamhaven Books, Minneapolis

Date: 04.01.10 Time: 7:00 pm–9:00 pm
Place: Dreamhaven Books
Address: 2301 East 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (612) 823-6161
Notes: Also in attendance will be Brandon's editor Moshe Feder and WARBREAKER cover artist Dan Dos Santos.

Minicon 45 Day One, Minneapolis

Date: 04.02.10–04.04.10 Time: 4:00 pm Friday–5:00 pm Sunday
Place: Minicon 45
Address: Sheraton Bloomington, Minneapolis South
7800 Normandale Boulevard
Bloomington, MN 55439
Phone: (952) 835-7800
Notes: Brandon is Author Guest of Honor. The Artist Guest of Honor is Dan Dos Santos, artist of the WARBREAKER cover and many others.

5:30 pm The Evil Librarian Panel
Brandon Sanderson has written a book called Alcatraz vs.the Evil Librarians, finally revealing the librarian plot to conquer and rule the world. Let's take a look at this young adult fantasy novel series and answer some of the obvious questions posed by the work. If librarians are so smart, why don't we rule the world yet? How is the role of the librarian transforming as libraries change into destinations and byways along the Information Superhighway? What opportunities will this new role provide for those among us with sights set squarely on global domination?
Eric M. Heideman (m), Laura Krentz, David Lenander, Brandon Sanderson

7:00 pm Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech
Everything you always wanted to know about The Opening Ceremony but were afraid to ask. Thrills, Chills and a Keynote Speech by Brandon Sanderson, our author GoH!

Minicon 45 Day Two

11:30 am The Wheel of Time from the Younger Point of View
The Wheel of Time series certainly was not created as Young Adult fiction, but many young people do in fact love these books. What makes this series work so well as YA fiction?
Jennifer Liang (m), Jory Phillips, Brandon Sanderson, Dorf

1:00 pm The Rivendell Group Discusses Works of Brandon Sanderson
The fantasy-book discussion Rivendell Group has met regulary since 1973, including Minicon meetings most years since at least 1981. This year, Rivendell will discuss the writings of Brandon Sanderson.
David Lenander(host). Brandon Sanderson may attend.

4:00 pm Brandon Sanderson Talks to Authors About Writing
Brandon Sanderson is fascinated by the process of writing and he loves to talk about writing with other writers. Join him for an in-depth lecture, followed by questions, answers, and open discussion.

8:30 pm Guest of Honor Interview: Brandon Sanderson
An in-depth discussion with our Author GOH.
Brandon Sanderson, Moshe Feder

Minicon 45 Day Three

11:30 am Playing the God Card
How do you introduce gods into your work without pushing the human characters into insignificance? Does it matter if they are "real" (e.g. members of the Greco-Roman pantheon) or products of the author's imagination? Can deities play a role beyond gigantic projections of human characteristics? What makes divinities so attractive to fantasy authors? Why do readers find them so compelling?
Sharon Kahn (m), Eleanor Arnason, Ruth Berman, Ricky Foos, Brandon Sanderson

1:00 pm How Brandon Got the Gig: Finishing the Wheel of Time
Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney) died before completing the last part of his magnum opus, the Wheel of Time. How did Brandon Sanderson wind up being the guy to carry forward the work on the final book of the series? What were the hopes and fears of fans of the WoT when the announcement was made? What was the Minnesota fannish connection?
Elise Matthesen(m), Jennifer Liang, Brandon Sanderson

2:30 pm
Brandon Sanderson Reading and Signing

4:00 pm
Closing Ceremony


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