Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Play Magic with Brandon at CONduit!

All. The Magic draft at Jordancon was a blast, so I figured I’d try to get something rolling for CONduit this year. (It’s the science fiction convention up in Salt Lake.) A lot of people have written me wanting a chance to hang out with me and play. Well, this is your chance!

The CONduit staff was absolutely awesome, and got everything set up on short notice. There will a local game store there that will bring the packs and run the tournament. It will be Rise of the Eldrazi (the latest set) draft format. You don’t have to be familiar with drafting, and you can be a little rusty at the game. Don’t worry—this is for fun. We’ll probably try to do what we did at JordanCon and set up a “more experienced” table and a “less experienced” table.

This will happen at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. The cost is $15, which covers three packs of cards, land, and prizes. (I don’t know what those prizes will be yet.) You do need to be a member of CONduit to come, but you can buy a one-day pass for pretty cheap. (Also, there will be all kinds of gaming all day, signings by authors, and panels talking about writing and other aspects of science fiction and fantasy. It’s a pretty fun time.)

Note that I am also doing a reading/signing from 6:00 to 7:30. I’ll be reading from THE WAY OF KINGS, and will be doing a Q&A. So, this should be a very fun time. If you’re curious about KINGS, maybe show up early and sit in on this—the chapter I’m going to read is one I’ve never read from before. I’ll also be showing artwork from the book that hasn’t been shown before.

Anyway, back to Magic. I WILL have decks and will be sitting around, playing with any who want to for fun. Most of my Magic playing time will happen around the time of the draft and after it, and the draft takes priority. (I really like drafts; they’re my favorite way to play Magic. If you haven’t tried done, they’re awesome.) However, I will try to find time to play constructed with any who want to.

The last note is that if you want to join the draft, there are only 15 slots open. They put up eight of them for pre-registration online, and six slots are already filled. The other seven will be first-come-first served during the convention. So if you’re wanting to play in this, make sure you sign up early. You can sign up by logging on to this website. (Look in the right-hand column.) But even if this fills (and I think it will quickly) you can sign up for one of the other seven slots at the con itself.

See you there!


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