Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates + More THE WAY OF KINGS Previews

The most recent Writing Excuses podcast episodes feature the return of Howard Tayler after his hiatus from the episodes recorded at CONduit. First up we discuss avoiding stilted dialogue. Then we talk about major overhauls to broken stories.

WARBREAKER annotations are going up, with entries added for the map, the acknowledgments page, and the first two of three for the book's prologue.

Last night I held an impromptu Q&A chat session, which you know about if you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook. There's a transcript over at the Dragonmount Forums. When I have time to do things like this in the future, I'll be using a better venue so more people can get in.

There are a couple more advance reading copy giveaways for THE WAY OF KINGS going on. First, Macmillan is giving out 50 copies to people chosen randomly among anyone who enters at this link before midnight tomorrow night (July 13th). If you miss out on that, a new Stormlight Archive fansite called is giving away three copies to people chosen randomly among those who register on their forum and contribute to two threads before midnight August 4th. They also have a private forum where people who have read the ARC might discuss it away from prying eyes. also has video of me at JordanCon reading THE WAY OF KINGS—from chapter 3 and interlude 5. A fansite for a book that isn't even out yet is a bit baffling to me, but isn't the only one—there's also Plus overall Brandon Sanderson fansites and are starting up. I seem to have a number of enthusiastic fans.

Finally, has released a preview of three more chapters of THE WAY OF KINGS for registered members. This time it's chapters four through six, and the preview is from the audiobook—which is read by both longtime Wheel of Time narrators, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. I'll put the chapters here on the website in text form when the book's release is imminent, but until then check out the audio preview!


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