Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Alcatraz Numbered Copies!

Suddenly, I feel like I'm geocaching or something.  Anyway, I left behind numbers 24 and 25 at the Sugarhouse Barnes and Noble in Salt Lake.  So, if you live nearby, you can get numbered copies!  (The computer said there were four books in the store, but I couldn't find the other two.  The two I signed were in the children's section right on the shelf.)

Other news items of note: First off, my wife says that I need to post a link to her blog.  She's posted a rebuttle to the Pemberly Moment I posted last week, and feels that readers need to be aware of a place they can go to read the truth.  So, if  you want to hear my wife's side of the story, go here--but I warn you, she totally makes stuff up. 

Some items of book tour news.  I am confirmed at Bay Book Company in Half Moon Bay for Friday the fifth.  I've had it on the list for a while, but it was the last one I needed confirmation from.  Also, I've set up a second 'mini' signing in Vegas for those of you who can't get to the signing at the Borders.  I'll also be doing a signing at the Borders Express in the Meadows Mall from around 3-5.  I SHOULD also be doing a reading and presentation at a local Library at around 2.  Stay tuned for details!