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Mistborn Two Kindle! (+ Brandon's UVU Talk)

Two things for you today.  First off, it appears that Mistborn: The Well of Ascension is finally out for the Kindle.  It looks like they released Mistborn 3 as well.  That means we can prod Tor to be putting them into other formats too.  I don't like the DRM nature of the Kindle edition, but I know a lot of you have been asking about this.  We bugged Amazon quite a lot on it, so I hope that those of you who have Kindles and have been waiting actually go grab the books.  ;)

Secondly, I'll be doing a presentation at Utah Valley University this coming Monday.  Press release is below.

Copies of Hero of Ages are slowly trickling into those stores that didn't get them on Tuesday.  It appears that Barnes and Noble got them in first and on shelves--but is now quickly selling out, since they didn't order enough copies in the first place.  Borders and Chapters were slower getting them on shelves (particularly on the west coast) but they order more copies, so they're going to have more in the long run.  Hopefully, we can get B&N to reorder!  And, as always, it's good to give your local independent a call.  Even if they don't have the book, they can get you a copy.

Press Release:

Science Fiction Author Brandon Sanderson to Speak

October 20, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

UVU Library Lecture Hall (LI 120)Brandon Sanderson, a nationally recognized science fiction and fantasy author, will read from his newest novel, Mistborn: The Final Empire and speak about the importance of genre fiction, such as science fiction and fantasy, at 1:00 pm on Monday, October 20 in the UVU Library Lecture Hall.  (Note, they got that wrong.  I'll be reading from MB3, not MB1.  Ah, well.)

In 2005, Sanderson published his first novel, Elantris and then went on to write the Mistborn trilogy. Sanderson published a middle-grade children's book, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians, in 2007 from Scholastic Press.

Tor Books announced in December 2007 that Brandon was chosen by Robert Jordan's widow to write the final novel in Jordan's bestselling Wheel of Time fantasy series. The final book, to be titled A Memory of Light, will be published in fall 2009.

In addition to his writing, Sanderson teaches a creative writing class focused on science fiction and fantasy at his alma mater, Brigham Young University. Sanderson graduated from BYU with an English degree and then went on to complete a Master's in creative writing there as well.
Sanderson's visit, sponsored by the UVU Library, is free and open to the public. The UVU Bookstore will have Sanderson's books available for purchase at the event, and Sanderson will be available for questions and book signing.

Brandon lives in Provo with his wife, Emily, and their young son, Joel.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Anderson,

I'm just one of the thousands of readers of the WHEEL OF TIME (German version). It's a hard task, to finish this series in just one book. Personally, I wrote some chapters, as soon as I got to know Mr Jordan died.

There are some things that I feel should happen:

- Mat should rescue Moiraine - loosing his eye as he does. Something like "I'd rather stab out one of my eyes, than give you anything!" - "Agreed!"

- Padan Fain is more likely to be Nae'blis than any other character of the book - as he hates the dark lord an has access to the true force (The dark lord hates everything, especially himself, that is his driving force). Ishamael/Moridin still thinks, there will be a world to rule, after the success of the dark lord, but there won't be - all creation will cease to be, if he wins, the dark lord WANTS the world to end.

- The land known as Shara should take a great place in the final conflict. It will be a conflict across the whole world! (Seander will be under attack) Maybe there is a society of men using Tel'aran'rhiod there - Egwene will face them - or something. The people of Shara lost their leaders, so the dragon reborn will need to win this fight against the chaos - just like all others - during the last battle. He will FEEL all armys fighting just like he did in Falme, but greater.

- Rand will need to die. As Alivia is with him all the time, she can use Baals-fire to bring him back to life, after he's lost already - giving him knowledge of what is going to happen, if he's able to keep it, and allowing Lews Therin to die without Rand dying as well.

- Moiraine will remain hidden until she is needed in the last fight - Rand needs her to reorder his feelings, his best weapon against the shadow (He's forgotten what hope is!)

- As Lews Therin (and the dragon before him) was hurt & healed by the dark lord, his soul was split and therefore he was reborn in three additional parts. Mat and Perrin carry a part of this soul - as does Ishamael - but Rand is the center. (Remember Elaida, when she meets him) Maybe Rand even "bleeds" Ta'vaeren to others because of this - making Egwene and Nynaeve (and Moiraine) almost Ta'vaeren as well.

As I don't use chats or blogs normally, I hope somebody will get to read this.

Sincerely yours and may the light shine on you,

Salak Turvalis (Frank Maas)

5:18 PM  
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