Monday, January 23, 2012

Magic Dark Ascension Prerelease

Hey, all. The new Magic the Gathering set is coming out in a little while, and the prerelease is this weekend. Dan and I had a lot of fun at the prerelease last time, so we’re going to be doing it again—with a twist.

Like for Innistrad, we’ll be going to Epic Puzzles & Games in West Valley at midnight on Friday. However, to shake things up, instead of drafting we’ll be doing a sealed deck tournament. (If you aren’t familiar with this, you get six packs and build a deck out of those packs.)

We will do an 18-person tournament, not including Dan and me. (So, 20 people.) As 12 of the 18 people play games against one another, Dan and I will team up against the six others in an Archenemy game with both Dan and me as the archenemies. Then, when those games are done, the six who played us will rotate out and six others will come in to play against us. And then, not surprisingly, we’ll play the last six.

This means we only have EIGHTEEN slots. We need to restrict it so that the tournament will work and so that we don’t end up staying TOO late. Therefore, if you want one of the slots, you’ll have to call Epic and preregister/prepay. There’s a chance I’ll be open to playing side games, like always, but I can’t guarantee it. (And, as always with these, I'm happy to sign books and might even have some copies of my novels for sale/trade. I'll try to show up around 11:30 if anyone needs books signed.)

So, details again:
Day: The night of Friday the 27th of January.
Time: Midnight (okay, so that means technically this starts on Saturday...)
What: 18-person Sealed Deck tournament, with special games against Brandon and Dan.
Where: Epic Puzzles & Games 3612 W 4700 S #4
Salt Lake City, UT 84820
How: Preregister by calling this number: (801) 982-0167

There will be some other fun things to this. (Beat Dan and me, and you will probably get a prize. Also, it’s likely that the tournament will be two-headed giant. We’ll explain the rules when you come, but if you have a buddy and want to sign up in pairs, go ahead.) Hopefully we’ll see many of you there. Or, at the very least, 18 of you...



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