Thursday, December 30, 2010

Superstars Writing Seminar Panel Schedule, January 13–15

Here's the schedule of panels for the next Superstars Writing Seminar, which will be held in Salt Lake City this coming month. As you can see from the list of topics, this three-day seminar is packed with great stuff, no-nonsense and practical material taught by six bestselling authors.

Sessions begin in three weeks. If you've signed up already, I'll see you there! If not, now's a good time to sign up.


8:30 AM
Intro, seminar overview, introduce speakers (Kevin)
Econ 201 for Writers: Economics of Commercial Publishing (Eric)
Inside Editors: How editors look at manuscripts (Dave, Kevin, Eric)
1:30 PM
Myths of Publishing (Rebecca)
Agents: the “A” word (Brandon, Eric, Dave)
“Dirty Secrets”: Being a professional author (Kevin, Rebecca)
From Slushpile to #1 Bestseller in 4 Years (Brandon)
The Popcorn Theory of Success (Kevin)
Welcome mixer/reception


8:30 AM
Copyright basics (Dave, Eric)
Self-Publishing & Ebooks: Realities and Pitfalls (Eric, Rebecca)
Pitching the Big Proposal (Brandon, Kevin, Dave)
New Media: Using It to Get an Edge (Brandon, Rebecca)
1:00 PM
Networking for Writers (Rebecca, Dave)
Do It Yourself: Self-Promotion for Authors (Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Promoting Yourself and Your Work (All)
Open session: Q&A
Authors available for signing
VIP Banquet: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse


8:30 AM
Ergonomics: When Writing Gets to Be a Pain (Rebecca)
Dissecting a Contract (Eric)
Movies, TV, and Authors (Dave, Kevin, Brandon)
Two Heads Are Better Than One: Collaborations (Eric, Kevin, Rebecca, Brandon)
1:30 PM
Intellectual Property: How to Exploit Yours (Dave)
Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity (Kevin)
Balancing Acts: Writing World and Real World (All)
Open session: Q&A

For further information, see the Superstars Writing Seminars page.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Your writing exercises and mine: "I Hate Dragons"

For those who are following along, here's what I did for my writing exercise. I actually managed to make it something of a self-contained story. If you want to read up on the rules, I posted them here. We did some analysis of other people's writing on Writing Excuses here. If you did one of these and want more feedback, you might be able to post it in the Writing Group section of the TWG Forums and get some feedback. (Or you might be able to read some other posts and let people know what you thought of them.)

My story follows. After that, I'll do some analysis of my own piece.

I Hate Dragons

"Master Johnston?"

"Yes, Skip?"

"I was wondering if maybe we might review my employment situation."

"What? Now? Lad, this isn’t the time."

"Er, I’m sorry, sir. But I believe this is exactly the time. And, I apologize, but I don’t intend to move until I’ve had my say."

"Fine. Fine. Be on with it then."

"Well, Master Johnston, you know how we’re here to kill this dragon, sir?"

"Yes. That’s our job. Dragon hunters. It says so on your bloomin’ jacket, lad!"

"Well, sir, technically you and the other boys are the hunters."

"You’re an important part, Skip. Without you, the dragon won’t never come!"

"I believe you mean 'will never come,' sir. And, well, this is about my part. I realize it’s important for you to have someone to draw the dragon."

"You can’t catch nothing without bait."

"‘Can’t catch anything,’ sir. And that is as you’ve said. However, I can’t help noticing one factor about my role in the hunt. I am, as you said, bait."


"And it seems to me that eventually, if you put bait out often enough . . ."


"Well, sir, eventually that bait is going to end up getting eaten. Sir."


"You see my trouble."

"You’ve been doing this for a year now, and you ain’t ever gotten ate."

"That sentence was deplorable, sir."

"What’s math have to do wi’ this?"

"You’re thinking ’devisable,’ sir. Anyway, yes, I’ve survived a year. Only, I’ve started thinking."

"A dangerous habit, that."

"It’s chronic, I’m afraid. I’ve started thinking about the number of near misses we’ve had. I’ve started thinking that, eventually, you and the boys aren’t going to get to the dragon quickly enough. I’m thinking about how many reptilian bicuspids I’ve seen in recent months."

"I’ve cussed more than twice myself."

"So . . ."

"All right, lad. I can see where you’re going. Two percent, and nothing more."

"A raise?"

"Sure. Two percent’s good money, son. Why, when I was your age, I’d have died to get a two-percent raise."

"I’d rather not die because of it, sir."

"Three percent, then."

"You pay me in food, sir. I don’t get paid any money."

"Ah. I forgot you was a smart one. All right. Four percent."

"Sir, you could double it, and it would be meaningless."

"Don’t get so uppity! Double? What, you think I’m maid of coins?"

"The word is 'made,' sir."

"Huh? That’s what I said. How—"

"Never mind. Sir, this isn’t about money, you see."

"You want more food?"

"No. You see, er . . ."

"Be on with it! That dragon ain’t going to kill himself!"

"Technically, dragons—being sentient beings—likely have a suicide rate similar to other intelligent creatures. So perhaps this one will kill himself. It’s statistically possible, anyway. That’s beside the point. You see, sir, I think I’d rather change my participation in the hunts."

"In what way?"

"I’d like to be a hunter, sir. You know. Hold a harpoon? Fire a crossbow? I wouldn’t mind just reloading for the other hunters until I get the hang of it."

"Don’t be silly. You couldn’t do that while out in the center of the field, being bait!"

"I wasn’t talking about doing that while being bait. I’d rather do it instead of being bait. Sir."

"But nobody else has yer special gift, son."

"I don’t think it’s all that great . . ."

"Why, sure it is! In all my years hunting dragons, I’ve never met someone who attracts them like you do. You’ve got a gift."

"The gift of smelling delicious to dragons? Sir, I never asked for this."

"Just ’cause a gift is unexpected doesn’t mean it ain’t a gift."

"A knife to the back can be unexpected. That doesn’t make it a gift either. Sir."

"Look, son. You’re special. The scent of you . . . it drives them mad with hunger. It’d be a shame to waste that. Do what you were created to do. Reach for the stars."

"Stars are giant balls of gas, burning far away."

"They are?"

"Yes. Reaching for them, even if it were possible, would likely burn your hand. Sir."

"Ain’t that something."

"Isn’t that something."

"That’s what I said. Either way, son, you need to explore your talents."

"My talent is getting eaten by dragons, sir. It seems that’s less something to explore, and more something to experience. Once. In a grisly, painful, and abruptly-ending sort of way."

". . ."


"I see that yer a smart one, son."

"Thank you."

"Five percent."

"I . . ."

"It’s here! It’s circlin’! Lad, we’ll have to talk about this later."

"Okay. You know what, fine. Once more. But that’s it."

"Good lad. Out there you go. You remember the script?"

"Of course I remember it. Ahem. I’m so very tired! Also, I hate sunlight. So I’m not going to look upward. I’m just going to stroll along across this . . . er . . . rocky place of rocks and find a place to lay down and take a nap.

"Gosh! I’m sad that I tripped and got dust in my eyes, so I couldn’t see anything for a few moments when that breeze passed me by. Just a breeze, and not the beating of nearby dragon wings. Not at all. Perhaps I will take my nap in this little dip in the ground. I hope no wild beasts are around to savage me."

"PSSST. Skip. Bite! The script says BITE me!"

"I’m extrapolating!"

"What’s the dragon’s skin have to do with this?"

"That’s exfoliate, Master Johnston. Look, he’s coming back around. Hush. Ahem. Yes, I’ll just be nodding off to sleep now!"

". . ."

"What’s the beast doing?"

"He landed up there. I think he’s suspicious. He’s craning his neck down and—"

"You’re a terrible actor."

"Er. Really? I actually thought I was getting better. I’ve been practicing in front of the mirror, you see."

"Terrible. I’ve seen pieces of soap that were better actors than you. You have an entire fleet of dragon hunters waiting, I assume."

"Um. No?"

"No, you don’t have them? Or no I don’t assume it? Because I really don’t think you’re capable of judging what I do and don’t assume. By the way, who wrote that script for you?"

"Master Johnston."

"He needs an editor."

"I’ve tried to explain that! Do you know how difficult it is to work with such awful lines?"

"That doesn’t excuse your bad acting."

"It at least gives some context, though, doesn’t it?"


"So, um, if you saw through the ploy . . . why are you still here? Shouldn’t you have fled?"

"I . . . there’s something about you, small human. Yes. Something . . . intoxicating. Why don’t you climb up here to me."

"Excuse me?"

"Climb on up here."

"You’ll eat me."

"That’s the idea."

"Then I think I’ll decline."

"Oh, come now. It won’t be so bad as you think. They’re will be hardly any pain at all."

"I don’t care if there’s pain or not. I’ll still be dead. And you used the wrong version of 'they’re.' You wanted 'there' instead."

"I did? How can you tell? They’res no difference in the sounds they make."

"Actually, I can hear apostrophes."

"What, really?"

"Yes. I can hear spelling too, actually."

"That’s . . . interesting, child. Very interesting. Well, time to get this over with. No use in delaying. Come on up and be eaten."

"You don’t make a very compelling argument."

"I’m a very busy dragon."

"Funny. I have lots of time. I could sit here all day, so long as it involves not being eaten."

"Oh, come now. Don’t be difficult. This is what you were created to do."

"What gives you that terrible idea?"

"It’s the circle of life, young human! The beauty of nature! Each creature in turn is consumed by a larger creature, round and around, until we reach the apex predators. Um . . . I’m one of those, by the way."

"I’d noticed."

"Well, the cows eat the grass, the wolves eat the cows, the men eat the wolves, the dragons eat the men. All very majestic in its simplicity."

"We don’t eat wolves, actually."

"You don’t?"

"No. Not unless we’re very hungry. Even then, they don’t taste very good, so I’m told. Too stringy."

"Yes, well, you’re supposed to. Men never do as they’re told. Case and point, this moment, where you have the startling rudeness to refuse being consumed. How can I persuade you?"

"Actually, you are persuading me."

"Really? This is working? Er, I mean . . . of course I am. I’m known as being a very compelling conversationalist, among my peers."

"You didn’t need that comma," Skip said, "but you should probably have put 'among my peers' after 'I’m known.' That’s beside the point. You see, I said you were persuading me because the definition of the word implies the act of trying to get someone to do something, whether or not you are successful. You persuade someone, then you either fail or succeed. Most people use it incorrectly. The word you wanted was convince. You need to convince me, not persuade me."

"You’re not very much fun at parties, are you, small human?"

"I . . . uh . . . don’t get invited to parties very often."

"I can’t imagine why. So, are you going to stop whining and come get eaten like a man?"


"You’re making mother nature cry."

"Good. We could use more rain. Why don’t you just go eat a cow?"

"Why don’t you go eat some grass?"

"Um . . . humans can’t digest grass."

"And dragons can’t digest cows."


"Really. Humans were designed and built to be eaten by dragons. It’s the nature of things."

"I find that rather unfair. Who eats you?"

"The worms, once we’re dead. It’s all very metaphysical."

"But you have to eat humans?"

"If we don’t, we die."

"How are there any humans left?"

"We don’t need to eat very often, little human. Once every few months. There’s more than large enough a population of you to sustain us. You don’t run out of . . . what is it you eat, again?"

"Cows. Pigs. Carrots. Very few wolves."

"Yes, well, this is much like you eating those things."

"Except for the part about me dying."

"Think of the good you’ll be doing."

"Good? By keeping a dragon alive to continue terrorizing?"

"No, by sacrificing youself for another. If I don’t eat you, I’ll just end up going off and finding someone else. Probably a fair young virgin. Poor child. If you think about it, getting eaten right now would be a very brave thing of you. Noble, heroic."

"Well, when you put it that way . . ."

"That’s it, come closer."

". . . maybe I’ll come right up to the base of that ledge . . ."

"My . . . The scent of you . . . I . . . Why are you stopping . . . ? Come closer! I can’t . . . I can’t . . . RAAAAAWR!"

"Have at ’im, lads!"




"My arm!"

"Keep stabbin’!"

"Foolish little men! GAR! Gr . . . Blurk!"

"Is he down!"

"You know what I say, lads. There’s always room for more stabbin’! Keep at it. And you, you did well. Even if you did ruinate the script."

"Ruinate? Really? Did you just say that?"

"Well, you’re always using those big words and all. So I thought . . ."

"Never mind. I’m going to go wash off this dragon blood. Can’t believe that I put up with this . . ."

"He doesn’t look happy, Master Johnston."

"Oh don’t worry about Skip. He’ll be fine."

"I don’t know. He looks really mad this time."

"Don’t worry. I’ve got a secret weapon."


"Sure. Tonight, after we’re all fed and happy . . ."


"I’m going to give him a six-percent raise."

So, there you go. Ten pages or so of only dialogue. I'm still not sure if I should call it cheating to use small caps, but I didn't say you couldn't use emphasis (like italics), so I figured it was okay. Besides, it fit the story very well.

Obviously, I went for a more humorous slant. Many of those that posted did this, as under the requirements, it actually let us be more flexible and get away with a few things. The idea of someone who could 'hear' spelling errors has been bouncing around in my head for a while, though the idea of someone who smelled delicious to dragons just kind of came out while free writing this.

This will do for a quick and dirty writing exercise, though it really needs some blocking where the dragon appears and is flying about. Had to slip a little too much maid-and-butler in there to describe what was happening.

Being me, I wanted to continue this, of course. But I hardly have the time for that right now.

Anyway, keep writing. Hope this exercise was fun for you.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Interviews, Gemmell Award Nominations, Annotation

There are two new interviews with me out there. First is this one at The Fringe, which covers some familiar ground with a few new questions. And then here's one at Stormblessed, which sheds some new light on details in THE WAY OF KINGS.

Both THE WAY OF KINGS and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT are on the long nominees list for the 2010/2011 David Gemmell Legend Award. Last year, THE GATHERING STORM and WARBREAKER were both voted into the short list and ended up losing the final ballot to EMPIRE by Graham McNeill. Anyway, there are a lot of worthy books on the list, so go vote for the one book you think deserves the award. You can only vote ONCE, and multiple votes will cause ALL of your votes to be discarded. Round two will be sometime after March.

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation is a long one. It covers a climax in Vivenna's plot, when she finds out what's really been happening with Denth. Don't read the annotation if you haven't read the book!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Annotations, Writing Excuses, & Superstars Special

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation covers Lightsong's line, "My dear, did you just try to prove the existence of God with your cleavage?" among other topics. You may notice a bit of a slowdown in annotations from this point forward; weeks where only one annotation gets posted will be more common. The reason for this is that I'm running out of material, and I haven't yet written the annotations for THE WAY OF KINGS. (I'll do that after I finish writing A MEMORY OF LIGHT, during a reread in prepration for writing the second Stormlight Archive book. I usually annotate during the copyedit stage, but this year I was too busy finishing TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT to take the time for the KINGS annotations.) I'll probably also start posting sometime in 2011 the chapters of my unfinished book MYTHWALKER that includes an early version of Siri and Vivenna's story, but there will still be a bit of a gap before the KINGS annotations are ready. Sorry about that. I like to keep a steady stream of new bonus content on the site, but it's going to slow down for a while. Once the KINGS annotations do start going up we should be set for quite some time though, for obvious reasons.

Late last season on the Writing Excuses podcast Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and I took a look at the beginning of the first novel I wrote and dissected what I did well and what I could have done better. In the most recent episode, we do the same thing for Dan's first novel. Go check it out. And speaking of Writing Excuses, nominations for the 2011 Hugo Awards will open on January first, and Writing Excuses Season Four is eligible in the Best Related Work category. You must be a registered member of the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, Nevada to vote (voting will begin sometime in May or so), but members of the 2010 Worldcon in Australia can also nominate as well as Reno members. If you liked Writing Excuses Season Four, this is something to keep in mind when considering what to nominate. (Of course they also have awards for best novel, best short story, best graphic story, best editor, best artist, that sort of thing.) Now is a good time to register; rates go up at the end of February, but to nominate for the Hugo you must be registered by the end of January.

I will be attending Worldcon in August, but the next event I'll be attending is the Superstars Writing Seminar in Salt Lake City, January 13th through 15th, where I'll be an instructor along with Eric Flint, Dave Wolverton/Farland, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Rebecca Moesta, and Kevin J. Anderson. I've mentioned before what topics will be covered, but there's more information at this website. They're also running a registration special this holiday season, where two people signing up together can save a total of $200 on tuition. If can can find a writing buddy or someone else interested in a career as a writer to sign up with you, now's a good time to do it. Check it out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Writing Exercise: Dialogue

You guys want to do a writing exercise together? I've been wanting to do some dialogue practice. We could each do five pages on a theme, and I could post my five for you to see, then look at some of the better ones on Writing Excuses and talk over strengths/weaknesses.

Write a five- to ten-page two-character dialogue with no tags or blocking. Try to evoke character, conflict, and plot using only dialogue. Include: a problem, two distinct individuals, a fantasy/sf element. Avoid: long monologues, exposition. Use context, not explanations.

Terry Bisson did a great job with this sort of thing in his short story "They're Made Out of Meat." (Read it now, if you haven't before. It's a quick read.) And here's another excellent example, from Josh Vogt. No prose. No "He said." No "He walked to the door." Just dialogue.

Five to ten pages is just a suggestion—about a thousand words or so— but you don't have to make yours any particular length. It can be a short short, standing on its own, or it can be a short story. Or it can be the start of a novel, or just an excerpt of dialogue from an ordinary story. Basically, this doesn't need to be a complete story. The goal is to see how much you can get across without exposition and with a fast-moving dialogue.

I'll post mine Monday, so that's a good deadline. Then later, we'll look at some of them on an episode of Writing Excuses. We won't have time to get to all of them. But, as the Time-Waster's Guide forums are back online, we can post all of them there and give each other feedback. Or you can post on your own blog and post a link on the forum. Or you can just send it to me via email.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tweets December 2–14

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
Yes, "mistborn" on reddit is me. I can't respond to everyone, but--like on twitter and Facebook--I should be able to reply once in a while.

joelcorriveau Thu Dec 02
@BrandonSandrson "A Making" got me choked up. As a 20-something, spinning my wheels, testing/resisting my destiny. #ToM has been hearty.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@joelcorriveau Thank you.

17thshard Wed Dec 01
@PeterAhlstrom @BrandonSandrson Has the title of Scribbler been changed to "The Rithmatist"?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@17thshard Yes, it has.

KimFalconer Wed Dec 01
@specficdb @brandonsandrson I found him on Kindle. Which do I start with?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@KimFalconer Depends. Elantris and Warbreaker are stand-alones. Mistborn (aka The Final Empire) is first of a trilogy.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@KimFalconer Elantris = more thoughtful. Warbreaker = more humor. Mistborn = more action/epic. But all three have some of everything.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@KimFalconer And The Way of Kings is Mega Epic. Mistborn or Elantris is where I usually suggest starting.

Mnm_010 Wed Dec 01
@BrandonSandrson This is in no way any sort of rush, but will we ever see another book in the #Warbreaker world?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@Mnm_010 Yes, eventually. It's far away, though.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
Okay, the best transition in the history of webcomics is right here between this page and the next:

Nygmus Thu Dec 02
@BrandonSandrson Holy crap, Brandon Sanderson reads Dr. Mcninja?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@Nygmus My favorite comic. I went far out of my way at NYCC to go find the author and shake his hand, then buy a few books. :)

depricated Thu Dec 02
@BrandonSandrson maybe a silly question - new Mistborn : is it an earlier time in the Final Empire, or after the events of the first 3?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
@depricated Several centuries later.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 02
There are only 12 of the Mistborn Holiday Bundles left.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
My father's company sent him a Nook for Christmas. Dad is out of town for a few weeks. (Glances both directions.) Yoink!

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
I've wanted to play with an ereader for a while now. Can't decide between Nook/Kindle/Sony. Maybe this will help me decide.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
People keep mentioning ipad. It's an option, but I really like the idea of eink and the really long battery life.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
I like the Kindle/Nook auto-store thingy. I prefer a keyboard, which is a plus for the Kindle. But I like B&N as a company more than Amazon.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
First book bought on my dad's Nook: Wee Free Men by Terry Prachett. Wife is reading it right now while I work.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
Holy ATIUM, Batman. Am looking through mail that came while I was in Idaho for the holiday. Somebody sent me a very nice box of Magic cards.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
There's no name saying who it was from, though. Which of you do I thank? Is this a Koloss Head Munching Day present?

awfulagent Fri Dec 03
@BrandonSandrson Joshua votes for iPad but if not that a color Nook or a or other gadget with a non-eInk screen

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
@awfulagent I thought Joshua liked eink. I know he upgraded to an ipad, but didn't he have both a kindle and a nook?

awfulagent Fri Dec 03
@BrandonSandrson Joshua had 2 Kindles break, Eddie had a Sony Reader break, & Joshua looks at eInk devices and thinks they all look so 2008.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03 is giving away 1 Elantris, 1 Warbreaker, and 1 Mistborn paperback box set. Entry deadline December 7th.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 03
Pat Rothfuss is auctioning for charity THE GATHERING STORM signed by me, Harriet, Team Jordan, Tom Doherty & many Tor folks

BrandonSandrson Sat Dec 04
ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS is out. Also, Michael Whelan prints of THE WAY OF KINGS cover art are available.

BrandonSandrson Sat Dec 04
I'll be signing at Dragons & Fairy Tales in Eagle Mountain tomorrow. They'll have copies of Alcatraz 4.

BrandonSandrson Sat Dec 04
Running a little late for my Eagle Mountain signing. Hopefully Dan can keep people entertained.

BrandonSandrson Mon Dec 06 and Goodreads's fantasy book club are (separately) soliciting questions for me. Also, 30% off sale, signings & more

BrandonSandrson Tue Dec 07
InkWing has a new store design, and they're taking preorders for a Happy Koloss Head Munching Day shirt.

BrandonSandrson Wed Dec 08
Back working on some various projects. Threw away everything I wrote yesterday. (Sigh.) It happens. Maybe second try will work.

stayawesome Wed Dec 08
Do I: a) Watch a long @BrandonSandrson interview, b) Work on my novel draft from #NaNoWriMo or c) Continue reading BLACK PRISM @BrentWeeks

BrandonSandrson Wed Dec 08
@stayawesome Watch 5 min of the interview to give you a kick start, work on your book, read Black Prism as a reward if you hit a word goal?

BrandonSandrson Wed Dec 08
Okay, off to work out and use my father's Nook to read Terry Prachett books while on the machine. Let us see if this works for me.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
Michael Whelan sent us The Way of Kings prints to sign. Man, these things are packaged tight. His assistant has great post-office-fu.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
Guys, the little sketches Michael did on the bottom of these things are AWESOME. Really. I'll get you a picture. Just a sec.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
One of the sketches on the bottom of the Kings prints. Limited edition of 12.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
For those asking, prints are on his website: I'm signing all 12 of the limited edition too. I think he has some left.

pfchristopher Thu Dec 09
@BrandonSandrson Do you know which of those is the one I get?

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
@pfchristopher Do you know your number? I could look. The one I showed was the one I'm getting.

BrandonSandrson Thu Dec 09
All of the limited edition prints are signed. Denver Paul, yours has a cool picture of a chull. (We asked which # was yours.)

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 10
Just so you know, this auction for charity (Mega-signed TGS copy) still has a few hours left on it:

Boethius32 Fri Dec 10
@BrandonSandrson Mr. Sanderson, I feel the decision to structure the WoT books the way you did, dividing by plotline instead of chronology significantly degraded the dramatical impact of the story. I also feel this was a slightly disrespectful to RJ's intention for the story. Will you consider restructuring the story in a chronological fashion which is more true to RJ's wishes once all the books are written? I mean, I don't have to remind a professional writer that a novel is more than just the sum of its scenes and chapters. The sequence is just as important. I feel this is where you've failed a bit with TGS and ToM. With all due respect, of course. And I don't want you to reply to me publicly on this. I know you can't second-guess this decision in public. However, I hope you will consider publishing "director's cut" editions of the three books where the scenes occur in a more chronological sequence.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 10
@Boethius32 The thing is, RJ didn't write chronologically himself. He was all over the place. It just wasn't obvious.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 10
@Boethius32 It's just obvious now because people are coming back together. If I did as you asked--which I have considered--there are only

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 10
@Boethius32 a couple things I'd change. I'd probably interweave Perrin differently. Everything else would be basically the same.

BrandonSandrson Fri Dec 10
Final holiday shipping deadline for signed books.

BrandonSandrson Sat Dec 11
Off to my signing at the Murray Borders! 2-4. Isaac will be there too.

BrandonSandrson Mon Dec 13
Need a good book for a Christmas gift? Here's a printable coupon for 40% off any one book at a Borders store tomorrow:

BrandonSandrson Mon Dec 13
Holiday gift from my agent, @awfulagent, w/a note saying he wished chocolate was allomantic.

stephencanbe Mon Dec 13
@BrandonSandrson -- Any hints on where I can pay for/get a copy of the ebook version of mistborn in Australia?

BrandonSandrson Mon Dec 13
@stephencanbe They will be on ebook very soon. My UK publisher had some trouble with the files, and is working hard to get them out.

BrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14
Blog post: Writing Excuses Podcast Award Nomination, Worldbuilders Charity Drive + Updates.