Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Draft Finished + Updates

This week's Writing Excuses episode is titled "Help, I Can't End My Book!" This is the final podcast of this season for Howard, Mary, Dan, and me. Check it out.

There's a new chapter of my abandoned 2001 novel MYTHWALKER up.

My assistant has put up a new Twitter posts collection that includes my live-Tweeting of finishing the first draft of A MEMORY OF LIGHT. If you want to cut to the chase, the part you really want to read is here below. I'll post more details later.

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
Ladies and gentlemen, A Memory of Light--the final book in The Wheel of Time--has been finished.

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
Now I'll open a metric gigaton of Magic cards that have been sent to me by fans, sleep for a day, and rest until next week.Then: revisions!

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
As for when the book will come out, Tor should do an announcement soon. Revisions will take a good six months. So fall, I expect.

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
Another common question: How many revisions will I do? The last two took about a dozen. (On non-WoT books, I do about seven or eight.)

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
Also, it's going to be tough to give direct replies to questions right now, what with like 1000 people tweeting/facebooking at me. :)

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
But lots of people are asking about outriggers/prequels. The answer is still the same. We'd rather not risk exploiting RJ's legacy. (more)

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
It is a step I don't think we want to take. Better to stop while we're ahead. I'm sorry, but they probably won't ever happen.

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
And now, yes, I will go to sleep. 7am here. That's 10 hours of solid writing after a full day of solid writing, so I'm beat.

BrandSanderson Wed Dec 21
Thank you all for the good wishes. May you find water and shade.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mistborn Adventure Game Out Now + Updates

My assistant has uploaded another chapter of my abandoned 2001 novel MYTHWALKER. He also put up a new Twitter posts archive.

This week's Writing Excuses podcast episode features Mary, Dan, Howard, and I talking about character foils. Give it a listen.

The biggest news for this week is that the long-awaited Mistborn Adventure Game tabletop RPG from Crafty Games is now available in ebook form. The hardcover and paperback copies will come next month or so, and we are planning a local release party for those once we have more details on the exact date. Anyway, I do hope to be able to share more thoughts on the exciting release of this game once I can take a breather from writing A MEMORY OF LIGHT (that deadline is coming up fast, and I'm very hard at work on it).

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Utah Signings This Week

I'll be signing twice in Utah this week in the run-up to Christmas. Details are below. Sorry, Idaho Falls folks, but I don't currently plan to go there as I usually would this time of year. I need to keep buckling down here and finish writing A MEMORY OF LIGHT. As always, you can tell me your city and I'll email you when I'm visiting nearby. And check my events calendar to see my current schedule for next year.

Barnes & Noble, West Jordan, UT

Date: Thursday, 12.15.11 Time: 6:30 pm–8:30 pm
Place: Barnes & Noble Booksellers – Jordan Landing
Address: 7157 Plaza Center Drive
West Jordan, UT 84084
Phone: (801) 282-1324

Barnes & Noble, Orem, UT

Date: Saturday, 12.17.11 Time: 2:00 pm–4:00 pm
Place: Barnes & Noble Booksellers – University Crossings Plaza
Address: 330 E University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058
Phone: (801) 229-1611

I'll sign any book of mine that you bring or buy at either store, but it's nice to buy at least one book (it doesn't have to be one of mine!) that day in order to support the store hosting me.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Where to buy signed copies of THE ALLOY OF LAW + Updates

First some updates. The naming rights auction for a Stormlight (or other) character that I talked about last week ends in 38 hours, as do most of Orion's other auctions benefiting the UK charity Samaritans.

My assistant Peter has put up another chapter of my abandoned 2001 novel MYTHWALKER. Quite a bit happens in this one. And he also put together another Twitter posts archive.

This week's Writing Excuses podcast episode features Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman talking with Mary and Dan at the recent World Fantasy convention. Interstitial Art is the topic--books that don't fit well in any particular genre category.

Mistborn and Stormlight Archive T-shirt store InkWing's T-shirt contest this month involves Koloss Head-Munching Day (December 19th). They're also asking for photos of people wearing the Koloss Head-Munching Day shirt. In related news, Ta'veren Tees has a Wheel of Time Christmas ornament they're giving away with orders over $40 that use a coupon code, and they're also in the middle of a "Twelve Tees of Christmas" sale.

Many of the booksellers I visited during my recent tour still have signed copies of THE ALLOY OF LAW. Check my events calendar to see if I'll be near you anytime soon. If I won't be, give one of the following stores a call. (You can also tell me your city and I'll email you when I'm visiting nearby.)

Mysterious Galaxy
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. Suite #302
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 268-4747
Alone among the stores on this list, Mysterious Galaxy has signed copies of a lot of my other books, not just THE ALLOY OF LAW, and will ship worldwide. Give them a call.

Murder by the Book, Houston
2342 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 524-8597
(888) 424-2842
Murder by the Book's copies of THE ALLOY OF LAW are signed not only by me but also by interior artist Ben McSweeney, who illustrated the book's newspaper broadsheet.

Chapters Metrotown
Metropolis, Metrotown 4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 4M1, Canada
(604) 431-0463
This Chapters will have your cheapest shipping option for delivery anywhere in Canada.

Forbidden Planet
179 Shaftesbury Avenue
WC2H 8JR London, United Kingdom
0207 420 3666
Forbidden Planet will also ship worldwide, but they're probably your best bet for getting a signed copy of THE ALLOY OF LAW in Europe. Their copies are all the UK edition of of the book. They also have some signed THE WAY OF KINGS split paperbacks: Part 1, Part 2.

I will eventually add this book to my website store as well, but I won't do that until it has been on the shelf for about a year and the mass market paperback has been released already. Please support your local bookseller.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Stormlight (or other) Naming Rights Charity Auction

I know we just finished one of these for A MEMORY OF LIGHT and JordanCon, but while I was in the UK, Marcus from Gollancz/Orion told me about the charity auctions they were going to be doing. 100% of their proceeds go to the Samaritans charity there in the UK, and they're auctioning off items like getting thousands of words of your writing reviewed and edited by specific Gollancz editors, lunch with editors and an author, every Gollancz proof or ARC for 2012, etc. Anyway, it seemed like a good cause, so I agreed to do another name auction for them. I also signed a bunch of books and a shirt and posters among other goodies.

The full text of the naming auction is below, or check out the listing. We did already have a naming auction for Stormlight 2 earlier this year (won by Jason Pittman), so that's why this auction is less specific than previous ones. Jason has priority for a new character in Stormlight 2 (which I'll start writing in January after finishing a couple drafts of A MEMORY OF LIGHT), but if I find room for two secondary characters with roles of near-equivalent importance, I'll adapt the name of this new auction's winner as well if it seems right for the book. If not, I'll find another project for the winner's name to go in, perhaps an upcoming novella or something I haven't considered yet. If I do end up using the name in a short piece, the character could be even more important than secondary—it's really all up in the air right now. At the very least, it's a good charity that the auctions are going to support, so check them out.

Here's your chance to become a character in a bestselling fantasy book! Bid now on naming a character in a forthcoming novel or project from New York Times Bestselling author Brandon Sanderson, author of the Mistborn, Stormlight Archive and Alcatraz series, as well as much more. Brandon is also the author who was selected to complete Robert Jordan's bestselling WHEEL OF TIME series.

Brandon has very kindly donated the rights to name a character in one of his upcoming works. He will soon begin work on the second Stormlight Archive book, a sequel to THE WAY OF KINGS, due for release in late 2012 or early 2013. As the winner of this auction, you can submit a name (or variation thereof) that will appear in that book, or another upcoming project of Brandon's choosing. There is no guarantee that the name will be used in a specific book, but it will be used somewhere, and whatever he does is bound to be great. The character named may play a minor or major role in the work, depending on where the writing leads Brandon. There is no promise of dialogue or impact on the plot, but Brandon will do his best to make the appearance more than just a passing cameo.

All money raised from this auction will go to the Samaritans, Orion Books Charity of the Year. Do check out or other auctinos, including reviews of your writing by Gollancz editors, lunch with an author and more!

Naming Examples

Some examples from winners from past auctions for names illustrate the variations that Brandon may use when the novel actually appears. For example, charity auction winner Brian Neff's name appeared as Naeff in THE GATHERING STORM and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT. Winner Scott Franson's name appeared as Llarimar ("Scoot") in WARBREAKER. Aaron Yeoman's name appeared as Yomen in THE HERO OF AGES.

Rules and Conditions

If you participate in this name auction, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions below. You must have an active PayPal account to bid.

Brandon will adapt the winning bidder's submitted name to fit the world of the Stormlight Archive or other project (as seen in the examples above). Usually this means altering the spelling/pronunciation to fit the culture of the fictional world. However, Brandon reserves the right to reject any name he may find to be inappropriate.

If the winning bidder chooses to submit the name of someone else (such as a friend or family member), the winning bidder must submit a written release from this other person giving permission to use his/her name.

Finally, we hope it doesn't have to be mentioned but the submitted name will be rejected if Brandon feels that it is in any way offensive, mischievous, or ill-intentioned, or if it is disruptive to the story.

This auction is for the name only. The winning bidder may not dictate the character's personality, description, or role in the story. If the winner supplies any of these things as part of the name submission, Brandon may or may not draw from that when implementing the character in the novel as the story demands. Any such ideas become the sole property of Brandon Sanderson with no further compensation or acknowledgement.

Your bid is a legally binding contract and it requires that you make full payment of your bid amount if your eBay ID is the highest bidder. You must make full payment through PayPal within 2 days of the auction close.

If you are the winning bidder, you must provide contact information (email address, physical address, telephone number) with the payment email for ongoing correspondence as the submitted name is processed.

Novel Release Date

As mentioned, the release date for the novel is in late 2012 or early 2013. However, publication dates are naturally subject to change. The winning bidder may receive email with updates on the actual release date.

The auction ends in one week. And by the way, late 2012 for Stormlight 2 to come out is looking less and less likely. Right now I'm guessing early 2013. I do still have to write the book first, but it's really coming together in my head.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Darrell Sweet

For those who do not know, Darrell Sweet—illustrator of all of the Wheel of Time covers—has passed away.

The first of his covers I can remember seeing was his beautiful cover for THE EYE OF THE WORLD. I’m sure it wasn’t actually the first, however. Mr. Sweet was one of the premier fantasy artists for many years in the business. I have a healthy appreciation of what he accomplished, and I’m not sure many new readers realize just how influential and important he was as an illustrator.

We’ve gone far more realistic these days in fantasy art than Darrell’s style was complimentary toward. However, when I first got into fantasy books, the covers were not like what we had today. The genre was still in its infancy, and fantasy illustration was equally youthful. Publishers were still trying to figure out how to illustrate it. We usually either got conceptual covers like the sf ones you can find on this thread or, far worse, the dreaded woman in a chain mail bikini—a trope I consider downright stupid in a genre almost universally populated with strong female protagonists.

(Note that I don’t intend this as a dismissal of Frazetta or Vallejo. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of that style, often their art was on the right books. A Conan cover SHOULD have art like that. However, this style (as seen in this link) was even prevalent on things like the Pern books, where it didn't belong.)

For more research, look through this whole archive of fantasy and sf covers, many from that era. That was the sort of thing we were dealing with. Grim, dour, oiled up, or silly was the norm. With that in mind, compare what Darrell brought to us.

Into these realms, Darrell’s artwork was a breath of fresh air. He's beautiful with colors, his creatures are fantastic and fanciful, and he gets across a truly magical and wondrous feel to his art. When Mr. Sweet came along, that's when fantasy illustration started to change. Now, a lot of Wheel of Time fans like to gripe about inaccuracies in the Wheel of Time book covers. They have that luxury because we, as a genre, have seen huge strides in illustration over the last two decades. However, it would be unwise to dismiss the illustrators who—through their majestic use of imagery and color—lifted us up to this point.

Sir, I picked up THE EYE OF THE WORLD in large part because of your wonderful cover, which is a true masterpiece that I would put up beside any other piece of fantasy art. You gave us beauty, wonder, and magic. You will be missed. Rest in peace.


(As a side note, people are wondering about the last Wheel of Time cover. Mr. Sweet did finish a concept, which I have seen, but did not finish the entire illustration. No decision has been made yet whether another artist will take this concept and do a final piece according to it, or if the book cover will be scrapped and a new concept done. I will let you know.)

Monday, December 05, 2011

Interview, Giveaways, Ordering Deadline & Updates

In this week's Writing Excuses podcast episode, Dan, Mary, Howard, and I build fantasy settings that you can use. It was a bit of an experimental episode; I hope you enjoy it.

The deadline to order signed books and have them shipped to U.S. addresses in time for the holidays is in about an hour. Of course you can order anytime year-round, but we can't guarantee on-time arrival if an order comes after the deadline.

I've put two new Utah signings on my events calendar for next week. There's also a new chapter of my abandoned 2001 novel MYTHWALKER up.

There's a new interview with me by Helen Lowe that went up today. She also has a contest giving away two copies of THE ALLOY OF LAW—open to residents of New Zealand and Australia only.

The official Brandon Sanderson fansite, 17th Shard, is also having a giveaway of massive proportions. The deadline to enter is noon tomorrow, Mountain time. Here's what they're giving away:

  • A signed, numbered copy of THE ALLOY OF LAW (#781)
  • The Mistborn Adventure Game by Crafty Games
  • A paperback of THE WAY OF KINGS
  • A Mistborn trilogy box set
  • A WARBREAKER paperback
  • A signed copy of ELANTRIS
  • A full set of the cosmere: ELANTRIS, the Mistborn Trilogy, WARBREAKER, and THE WAY OF KINGS

There are no geographic restrictions on their contest. Comment on their news post to enter.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Magic with Brandon, Monday the 5th Edition

So, I’m going to be heading up to Epic Games on Monday to do a spot on Dungeon Crawlers Radio. (Listen live from 6:00 to 7:00 on Monday. Details below.) I realized that if I’m going to be in a game store, I must play some Magic! I also feel like it would be a nice treat following three weeks of pretty brutal touring.

However, I realize it’s short notice. So this time, instead of just doing a “Come if you want to play!” shout out, we’ll reserve spots for those who email me. That way, we’ll know for certain if we have enough to play. (The store has to get ready, since this isn’t a normal drafting time for them.)

The cost is $14, and you keep your cards and maybe win prizes. Time is 7:00, Monday the 5th. If you want a spot, drop me an email! We’ll email you back and confirm with you. If we don’t get enough people, we’ll drop you an email and let you know if it’s on or off for certain.

And for the rest of you, have a listen to me as I chat with the Dungeon Crawlers guys about geek type stuff. It’s a fun program, well worth a listen.



Dungeon Crawlers Radio
Monday, December 10, 6–7 p.m. Mountain time
Listen live here

Epic Puzzles & Games
3612 W 4700 S #4
Salt Lake City, UT 84820