Monday, February 25, 2013

Writing Excuses & Stormlight Archive writing video

Just a quick post today. The newest Writing Excuses podcast episode is another where we sat down with Dan's brother Robison Wells. This time we talked about writing and personal health. Give it a listen.

For the fifth of my Stormlight Archive volume two writing videos, we were able to get permission to include most of the music I listened to while writing this section. Many thanks to the artists, and do consider them when you're trying to decide what to listen to in order to set the right mood while you write!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Stormlight writing video & music + Updates

The most recent podcast episode of Writing Excuses features Dan's brother Robison Wells talking with us about cliffhangers and icebergs—when it's a good idea to leave people in the dark, and when it's a bad idea. Check it out.

My assistant Peter has uploaded another Twitter posts archive. This one doesn't have as many spoilers as the previous two, but there are still spoilers for A MEMORY OF LIGHT, so stay away from it if you haven't finished the book yet.

Some readers have been asking if my book signings are spoiler-free. In general, yes. Spoilers are not allowed during the public Q&A part of the signing. However, I do allow people to ask spoiler questions when they make it up to the table to get their books signed. So if you haven't finished the book, don't listen in too closely to other people's conversations. :)

This is my last week on the A MEMORY OF LIGHT tour, and I'll visit the following cities:
Monday: Baltimore
Tuesday: Philadelphia
Wednesday: Raleigh
Thursday: Atlanta
Friday: Birmingham
Harriet will be at all of the events as well, and audiobook narrators Michael Kramer and Kate Reading will be with us at the Baltimore signing. Details are on my events page.

I'll also have at least two more book tours later this year. In May we'll have the THE RITHMATIST tour, and right now it looks like most of the cities I'll hit will be different from the ones that were on the AMoL tour. Details to follow.

In the fourth of my Stormlight Archive volume two writing videos, two of the included songs are the actual songs I listened to while writing. I've been able to include them in the video thanks to the artists, Ray Lynch and Incendio. This might help you feel even more like you're looking over my shoulder while I write.

"Her Knees Deep in Your Mind" by Ray Lynch. © ℗ Ray Lynch Productions/BMI/1994
Music can be found on his website, Facebook, Amazon, and iTunes.

Incendio, "Temple of the Sun" ℗ 2003 Incendio Music
Music can be found on Facebook, Amazon, and iTunes.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Life, the Universe, & Everything 31 starts today in Provo

The local symposium (read: convention) on science fiction and fantasy starts today. I was planning to be there, but instead I'm on tour. I'll be in Vancouver tonight and Toronto tomorrow. But if you're in Utah, you should check out LTUE!

The guest of honor this year is Megan Whalen Turner and special guests are Tracy and Laura Hickman, Larry Correia, David Farland, L. E. Modesitt Jr., James A. Owen, Eric James Stone, and Brad R. Torgersen. The symposium will be at the Provo Marriott Hotel & Conference Center (while the UVU student center is under construction) and it's free with a valid student ID or $45 at the door for the whole convention. (Preregistration is closed.) There are lots of great panels; you can find a list here. Sorry I can't see you there this year, but as always, it's going to be awesome!

I also have an announcement from my old friend Loralee (she was editor at the Leading Edge magazine back before I was):

Giant gummi worms, M&M comets, and cotton candy slime—it's not science fiction, it's candy science! Loralee Leavitt will be signing her new book Candy Experiments, full of fun science experiments using candy, at Life, The Universe, and Everything in Provo on Friday, Feb 15, 8–10 pm, and at the King's English bookshop in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Feb 16, at 2 pm.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Videos & Updates

I donated a signed first edition of MISTBORN for an auction at Con or Bust, which helps fans of color attend SFF conventions. Check it out.

The most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode talks about retellings and adaptations. Believe it or not, yesterday was the five-year anniversary of the very first episode. Wow!

I have a bunch of videos for you today. My friend and former roommate Earl Cahill filmed the midnight release Q&A for A MEMORY OF LIGHT from multiple angles, and has produced the three videos below. If you weren't able to attend, check them out! There aren't any spoilers, if you were wondering.

Q&A highlights:

Full reading/Q&A:

Camping out in line:

I also appeared on this week's Sword & Laser episode, which you can see below:

Check out this great family costume from the A MEMORY OF LIGHT signing in Sacramento! (And thanks to DJ Stipe for sending the picture to me.) Tonight I'll be signing in Portland. My schedule is here.

The third of my Stormlight Archive 2 writing videos is now up on YouTube. Be sure to watch it in 720p for the best quality. I WILL be posting a sped-up version of the whole chapter once I'm done posting all of the videos; if my typing is too slow for you, don't worry.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tour with Harriet, Writing Excuses, Stormlight 2 video

In the most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells, and I talk about breaking the rules. We've said that you've got to learn the rules before you break them, so now it's time to talk about why to break them.

Tomorrow I'm starting the second leg of my book tour, and Harriet McDougal will join me for many of the stops. Details on my events page.

Wed Feb 6: San Diego w/Harriet
Thu Feb 7: Los Angeles area w/Harriet
Fri Feb 8: Sacramento area w/Harriet
Sat Feb 9: San Francisco w/Harriet
Mon Feb 11: Portland area w/Harriet
Tue Feb 12: Seattle w/Harriet
Thu Feb 14: Vancouver, BC area
Fri Feb 15: Toronto
Sat Feb 16: Milford, NH
Mon Feb 18: Baltimore area w/Harriet
Tue Feb 19: Philadelphia w/Harriet
Wed Feb 20: Raleigh w/Harriet
Thu Feb 21: Atlanta area w/Harriet
Fri Feb 22: Birmingham, AL w/Harriet

I'll also go to various conventions this year, and there are two or three book tours later this year that aren't planned out yet. I'll try to stop somewhere in Texas for the THE RITHMATIST tour in May, and I'm thinking of going to the UK around November or so. If you want to receive my newsletter, and get email reminders when I'll be signing near you, tell me your city here.

I've uploaded the second video of me writing the Rysn interlude from the sequel to THE WAY OF KINGS. If you missed the first video with the prewriting, it's here. This week's video starts the interlude itself.